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Tony Evans: Oneness Embraced – The Conversation Continues…

In wake of the Tony Evans: Oneness Embraced Event, our community is coming together to tackle the racial division issues that effect our community. Make plans to take part in these conversation events where you will view a short video by Tony Evans and then break into smaller conversation groups to wrestle with, brainstorm and discuss what it will take to move towards Oneness in the Florence area! See details below.

Thursday at 12 pm – First Presbyterian Church
700 Park Avenue, Florence – Fellowship Hall – bring your own lunch

Thursday at 7 pm – Ambassadors for Christ Worship Center
2196 Alligator Road, Effingham – close to South Florence High School

Sunday at 4 pm – Savannah Grove Baptist Church
2620 Alligator Road, Effingham – close to South Florence High School
Roots Fellowship Hall

Serve FLO 2017

Serve FLO 2017  is June 17-24!

This June 17-24, 2017 will be a special season of service in our community. Churches such as St Luke, Central, Calvary, Trinity and First Presbyterian are coming together to help and already planning their teams and projects to visibly unify and bless Florence.

The Helping Florence Flourish team is collecting two lists:
1. Opportunity for Service List: What are the needs that our community leaders see where volunteers could help? The question is being asked of these leaders, “If there were a 1000 volunteers to arrive at your doorstep what would you use them to do?” These needs will be compiled on an “opportunity for service” list.
2. Team Sign ups: HFF is asking churches and Christian organizations to consider fielding a team in the community during ServeFlo. These teams will fan out across the community to refurbish houses, clean up the neighborhoods, help in schools, etc. etc.

You could get involved on the ground level in getting answers to these two questions. The ServeFLO team is looking for additional helpers to generate these two lists. There will be much to do and we will only be limited by how many servers get involved. Again, ServeFLO is June 17-24…get involved by responding below.

Use the team registration form found here. Organizations needing assistance in Florence will be listed with contact information on the webpage soon, so that teams can get a sense of what is needed.

A Call To Help Our Neighbors…

Helping Florence Flourish invites you on behalf of the City of Florence to help clear downed trees in our neighbors’ yards. Many in our community don’t have the means or the insurance to remove trees that have fallen during the hurricane. Sign up here:https://florencefirst.wufoo.com/forms/zhwfrkp1pz74ib/

Working Toward A Visible Demonstration
Of The Unity of the Body Of Christ To Bless Florence…

Helping Florence Flourish (HFF) is a Christian initiative that seeks to improve Florence in four critical areas: 

1. Education

2. Homelessness

3. Deterioration of the Family

4. Racial Division    

HFF determined that these four areas are in the greatest need after surveying 68 community leaders over an eight month period. All of our respondents expressed a great deal of passion for our community, and cover the gamut of all seven areas of cultural influence: commerce, education, arts and entertainment, media, government, church, and family.  

Through the willing coordination of local non-profit organizations, Florence churches, and volunteers, HFF seeks to make visible, positive changes in those four critical areas. Please follow the links above for more information about these areas.

Report Back – April 2016

Download a PDF of the April 2016 Report Here.

Thoughts and Resources

Take some time to read this great article from  gospelmovements.org about the “winds of change” flowing in and through the church and how we are to impact our communities both large and small.
Ten Paradigm Shifts Toward Community Transformation