Bridging Florence

Helping Florence Flourish invites you to join the Building Bridges conversation with Mission Mississippi President Neddie Winters at 4 p.m. Sunday, February 18, at SiMT on Florence-Darlington Technical College’s Campus.

Winters, involved with the healing of race relations in Mississippi for 25 years, will be in Florence to help with the mission of Helping Florence Flourish. He focuses on building dialogue and relationships in order to bridge racial gaps.

Rev. Neddie Winters

“I am excited that we’re continuing to building the relationships in our community. (Winters) is best-practice and part of the best reconciliation Christian organizations focused on building relationships across racial lines,” said Rev. Chris Handley, team leader of Helping Florence Flourish.

“Last year we brought Tony Evans and he gave us a theological framework for Oneness. This year we’re bringing Neddie Winters to help us with practical steps for Oneness.”

The HFF Building Bridges event will consist of two sessions. The first part of the afternoon Winters will begin the conversation on relationships.  The second part of the evening will include the dinner and discussion on “Winning the Race Relationships.”

Cost for tickets, which includes dinner, are $25. Tickets can be purchased online  or by sending ticket orders to HFF, 700 Park Ave., Florence, SC 29501. Make checks payable to Helping Florence Flourish.

Mission Mississippi is grounded in two major concepts: (1) the centrality of Jesus Christ and (2) the importance of sincere, interpersonal relationships. He simply asks Christians to live out the Gospel through “gracism,” and nothing more. The other major tenant on which Mission Mississippi is built is the importance of forming meaningful relationships with people of other races.

Helping Florence Flourish is a Christian initiative that is working toward a visible demonstration of unity of the body of Christ to bless Florence.

GRACISM: (verb) \ gras-ism\: (a) the act of extending Grace – that we have experienced from Jesus Christ – to promote racial reconciliation;
(b) knowing and living out the idea that Grace is greater than Race; (c) the answer to racism.

Bridging Florence: A Special Event with Neddie WintersPURCHASE TICKETS

Bridging Florence
Sunday Afternoon Event  will be from 4 to 7 p.m. at SiMT. Session No. 1: Thoughts on Relationships: Neddie Winters begins our conversation from Romans 12. Session No. 2* Going Deeper: Winning the Race Relationships Roundtable Next Steps * We will break bread together during this session. Enjoy worship/music from last year’s Oneness Embraced Choir during both sessions.