Open Table

What if you could share your years of life experience and education and help transform someone from living in poverty to experiencing community?

Igniting human potential is simple: Relationship

Join a Table and help Transform a life.

What is Open Table?

Open Table trains congregation members to form communities (Tables) that transform members’ vocational and life experiences into tools that our Brothers and Sisters in poverty can then use to develop and implement plans to create change in their own lives.

The Open Table process is a catalyst for the collaboration of faith communities, government, technical colleges, universities, businesses, and non-profits working through a shared purpose model to move themselves and their communities from a transactional relationship with our Brothers and Sisters in poverty to one of transformation.

Table Model

A Table is the platform through which our Brothers and Sisters and congregation members enter into a relationship, allowing them to create change in their lives.

There are two Table models help for a Family (12 Volunteers) and help for an Individual (6 Volunteers). Volunteers bring their vocational and life experiences to an impoverished family or individual for approximately one year.

Together, the Table develops and implements a customized Life Plan to empower the family or individual to begin living into their human potential which God has given them.


What do YOU have to offer?

You have years of life experience and education, as well as a relational network, and we have a way for you to share that experience in a way that can transform someone from living in poverty to experiencing community.

The Open Table process develops Missional Communities committed to the transformation of a family or individual in poverty. However, Table members say they are more often transformed than their Brother or Sister.

When the Open Table process is complete, these Missional Communities, having brought each other through the wilderness of poverty where they collided with society’s false beliefs about the poor, become a new community in which the family or individual they helped is now unrecognizable from those who did the helping. In many instances, the individuals helped in Open Table return as Table members helping the next family or individual.

The Commitment

  • Average of 1 to 2 hours per week for 12 months.
  • Building a lifelong relationship with the Brother or Sister you will walk with.
  • Serve alongside 6-12 other people depending on the version of the model.


The Open Table model provides a proven process for addressing poverty and providing training for the communities. As a result, the following is evidence of the success of this model:

  • 95% of young adults and families served maintained a long term relationship with the Table members.
  • 85% of the graduates of the program had a better job or were in college or technical schools after their Table experiences ended.
  • 85% indicated that they have the skills they needed to get through problems and crisis better than before.
  • 95% said they were self-supporting or confident that they will soon be self-supporting.

Current Open Tables