Intentional relationship building helps build community

The recent constable shooting has tested the fabric of our community. And I am  encouraged by the way our  city council and police department have responded. They are to be trusted! To watch first hand Teresa Myers Ervin, Pat Gibson-Hye Moore and Stephen J. Wukela dealing with the circumstances has been heartening.


We need to be aware that we will continue to see other events that will test us as time goes forward. And those times could be even more difficult. We must pray for these leaders as they face difficult times.


I’m also encouraged to see the relational connections that HFF has encouraged as well as other relationships that foster reconciliation, and awareness between the races. It’s not the end game but it is a good beginning.


Helping Florence Flourish has a clear sense of identity. We have hoped to build up this community through strong relationships that are born from a life changed by Jesus. We have sought together to intentionally build relationships between people of different races, between people of different churches and make connections with people of good will that in turn move us toward building a better community. I have heard of a group of women from different races who are meeting to build relationships that have effect of creating safe space for trust and understanding. These women are meeting because they attended the Neddie Winters event. HFF hopes to continue to plan these kinds of events, small and large, that foster intentional relationship building.


There is much to do to create a better community. This will Be HFF’s niche. Join us as we seek to do this important work at HFF lunches, book clubs, and prayer gatherings.