Covid – Give A Box of Food To Harvest Hope Food Bank


Donate A Box of Food To Harvest Hope Food Bank

HFF volunteers delivered almost 1500 meals yesterday to seniors as HFF seek to support a skeleton staff at the Leatherman Senior Center. Last week volunteer teams helped pack and deliver Help4kids snack/meals. They will continue to help next week.

We have received over $1500 in gifts toward helping Covid-19 relief.

We are currently working to help Harvest Hope Food Bank collect 500 boxes of food for Covid-19 relief for the communities of Wallace and Olanta.

If your family would like to help with this effort let us know through our GIVE HELP PORTAL below.

Here is the list of items in an ideal box:

  • Bag of Cornflakes 17oz
  • 1% Shelf Stable Milk 32oz
  • Peanut butter creamy 10oz
  • Pinto beans 16 oz
  • Instant Potatoes 13oz
  • Pineapple tidbits  15oz
  • Applesauce unsweetened 2 cans 15oz
  • Cut Green Beans no salt added; 14.5oz
  • WK Corn no salt added 2 cans; 15oz
  • Whole Wheat spaghetti 2 packages 16oz
  • Pasta Sauce 1can 24 oz no salt added
  • Canned Chunk chicken in water 5oz 3 cans