Focus Groups

Your interest in Helping Florence Flourish (HFF) continues to spur us toward our goal of seeking a visible demonstration of the unity of the body of Christ to bless Florence.

Since January 2015, HFF has been working toward the formation of Focus Groups that will deliberate over best practices to address these three issues: Education, Homelessness, Deterioration of the family and Racial Division in Florence. These are four of the issues, that were identified through the Good City Survey, that are on the hearts of our cities Christian leaders.

Leadership to help constitute these groups has emerged and those leaders are beginning to contact the individuals that indicated interest in a focus group at the HFF Gathering in January. You are invited to get involved in these focus groups of Homelessness, Racial Division, Deterioration of the Family and Education. Contact us through our contact page to get plugged in.

Certainly our city has other pressing issues, if you would like to give leadership to an area that needs attention not listed here, please contact us to discuss.

Report Back – April 2016

Download a PDF of the April 2016 Report Here.