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Greater Impact, with Less Work– all at No Charge!

meettheneed_logoHelping Florence Flourish has partnered with Meet The Need to bring your church and ministry Fortune 500 caliber tools for managing and communicating ALL of your charitable activities! Meet The Need is the first organization to ever modernize local missions – moving you past paper, pen and spreadsheets. Because their mission is to unite and mobilize the body of Christ, they give all of it away!

Increase your impact in the community and watch your church and ministry grow – all while actually taking work OFF of your staff!

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Best Practice Software Systems for:

  • Running and Broadcasting Needs for Outreach Events
  • Connecting directly with Local Church and Ministry Partners
  • Managing and Recruiting Volunteers
  • Accepting and Tracking In-­‐Kind Donations
  • Managing Families and Services Provided to them
  • Scheduling for Charity Drives
  • Mobilizing Internal Volunteers (e.g. Greeters, Ushers)


  • Everything happens through your web site (and/or Facebook page), and it all looks exactly like your site
  • Your have complete control over how you use Meet The Need and what needs you show on your web site
  • More efficient and effective sharing of opportunities to volunteer, help families, giving resources, etc.
  • Despite spending 10 years and millions building these solutions, as a 501(c)3, Meet The Need gives all of thisto you with NO REQUIRED FEES!

This is huge game-­‐changer for your church and non-­‐profit in terms of communicating with partners, mobilizing people

to serve, handling logistics, and tracking all of your ministry activities.

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