Restoration Calling – Update #3 – 06/28/21

Another great milestone for this project! We have taken our first steps towards new construction! Fill dirt for the foundation and lot grading has been delivered and we are working towards making the lot having better water drainage and being a firm foundation for Mary’s new house.

So, what’s next? Well, once the grading is complete and settled, the construction crew will begin to pour the concrete foundation slab for  Mary’s NEW home and work towards getting the building “dried in,”, meaning under roof. Once that is complete, we are planning on having teams of volunteers working on the home to finish it out. Keep all of these efforts in your prayers and if you can find some time to help us out by volunteering, let us know.

Mary is still living comfortably in the temporary housing on McQueen street and is still in good spirits. Keep her and her well being in your prayers as well.

More updates to come. Blessings to all…

Chris Canfield