Restoration Calling – Update #1 – 4/21/20

Today is a big day! The efforts of Helping Florence Flourish and its network has secured temporary housing for Mary Freyer on McQueen Street. The home is a one bedroom, one bath, brick home that is a rental property controlled by the City of Florence. Through their generosity and vision for this project, they have allowed us to sign a 12 month lease on the property to use as temporary housing for Mary Freyer while this project gets underway. The 12 months rent has been covered and funds are in place to help with her utilities during this time. She is going to help however she can, within her meager means, to pay her way as well. Moving day is scheduled for Tuesday, April 21, 2020 with subsequent days being marked to move her other, non-necessary possessions into storage. 

Once she is in place on McQueen street and her possessions secured in storage, we will be working with the city to get the old, existing house demolished and the lot cleared to allow for the next steps of the lot preparation and rebuild stages. Things are moving and the Spirit is leading and Mrs. Mary is excited! See some photos below of her new, temporary housing. Quite the upgrade from her existing conditions. 

More updates to come. Blessings to all...

Chris Canfield