Restoration Calling – Update #6 – January 11, 2022

Progress, Progress, Progress!

Mary continues to live in the temporary housing on McQueen Street and is still in good spirits. Helping Florence Flourish has been helping out with a volunteer laundry service every week to 10 days and she is most thankful for the help with that. Also, she has recently undergone surgery for her vision and we ask that you keep her and her well being in your prayers as well.

What word best describes the past month or so….PROGRESS! Our building crew has been working overtime to establish a firm foundation and putting three dimensional form to our project! It seems like something new has happened to bring this project closer to completion every day! So exciting.

So, what’s next? Well, the construction crew will continue working towards getting the building “dried in,” meaning under roof. Once that is complete, we are planning on having teams of volunteers working on the home to finish it out. Keep all of these efforts in your prayers and if you can find some time to help us out by volunteering, let us know.

More updates to come. Blessings to all…

Chris Canfield