Welcome to Helping Florence Flourish

Working Toward A Visible Demonstration
Of The Unity of the Body Of Christ To Bless Florence…

Helping Florence Flourish (HFF) is a Christian initiative that seeks to improve Florence in four critical areas: 

1. Education

2. Homelessness

3. Restoration of the Family

4. Racial Bridging    

HFF determined that these four areas are in the greatest need after surveying 68 community leaders over an eight month period. All of our respondents expressed a great deal of passion for our community, and cover the gamut of all seven areas of cultural influence: commerce, education, arts and entertainment, media, government, church, and family.  

Through the willing coordination of local non-profit organizations, Florence churches, and volunteers, HFF seeks to make visible, positive changes in those four critical areas. Please follow the links above for more information about these areas.