Becoming A Visible Demonstration of the Body of Christ




Working Toward A Visible Demonstration of the Unity of the Body of Christ to Bless Florence.

There is nothing better than working together to build God’s Kingdom. In 2015, four focus groups were established as a result of a survey given to 68 Christian leaders in Florence that asked them to identify the greatest needs in our community:

  • Education
  • Homelessness
  • Restoration of the Family
  • Racial Bridging

The work of those focus groups, along with the City Wide Prayer Gathering, are the core of HFF.


He Gets Us…All Of Us

He Gets Us – Church Resources

Did you see Jesus in the Super Bowl? The imagery of people yelling at one another is all-to-familiar these days. Jesus could have reacted to his circumstances with anger or avoidance. Instead, he countered conflict with God’s confounding love. Explore this transformational ad and marketing series and use the materials found here to continue the conversation in your churches and groups!

Download the Resources

He Gets Us - QuickStart Guide

He Gets Us - Conversation Guide

He Gets Us - Small Group Guide

He Gets Us - The Sharing Pathway

He Gets Us - The Teaching Pathway

He Gets Us - Prayer & Reading Pathway

Watch The Videos

Love Your Enemies - Video

Be Childlike - Video

Dinner Party - Video

Family Matters - Video

Good Times - Video

The Struggle - Video

The Physician - Video

Refugee - Video

Outrage - Video

The Rebel - Video

The Influencer - Video


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