The HFF Educational Partnership Focus Group seeks to reinvigorate and oversee the Adopt-a-School program implemented years ago in Florence School District 1 (FSD1).  Area churches have adopted schools and provide needed updates and maintenance to their school during the annual ServeFlo season of service week as well as other times throughout the year.

The pairings of schools and churches previously established can be found here. If your church is not partnered, please contact us to become involved in this program.

Helping Florence Flourish hopes to:

  1. Increase our church partnerships for sponsored schools and become more active in the adopted schools through school supply drives, one-on-one mentorship and Good News Club Programs. Anyone can apply at a school to be a part of their mentorship program to help a child who may need a little extra attention or guidance. Good News Clubs provide a short after school program at area schools to teach the Good News.
  2. Serve our children and community. During our annual ServeFlo season of service, we look to spend a day of service through cosmetic improvements for our schools.  We envision high impact and we invite you to view the video on this website for an idea of how we can make a difference:

How Can You Help?

  1. School Readiness and FSD1 Home Visiting Programs: Churches can assist in the School Readiness and FSD1 Home Visiting programs by referring families to the program from the congregant, or individuals can contact FSD1 to apply. To find out more contact Coordinators:
    Melanie McMillan
    Valeria Wright
    Angela Harrison
  2. Become a Mentor to a Student: Apply at the school of your choice.
  3. Collect school supplies and backpacks for children who cannot afford them. Each school/class has their own school supplies list each school year so check with the school to find out what their needs are.
  4. Volunteer with a Good News Club After School Program: Area churches coordinate these programs for their school partner. Check the list to see where you can help!


Church/School Partnerships in FSD1



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