Pee Dee Crisis Response

Our Mission: 

The Pee Dee Crisis Response Team responds to crises in our local community with the provision of emergency care, counseling, and chaplaincy from highly trained chaplains and volunteers. 

Goal: Pee Dee Crisis Response will be able to provide an array of services from on-scene chaplaincy, community events, disasters, critical incident stress management, search and rescue, emergency lodging and food when needed during a crisis. 



Public Safety Chaplains

Community Chaplains

Hospital Chaplains

Community Volunteers

C.I.S.M. Team

Search and Rescue (coming in the near future)


About us: 

The Pee Dee Crisis Response Team was created in response to a community tragedy in October 2018. The Crisis Team is under the umbrella of Helping Florence Flourish, with support from numerous churches and citizens throughout the Pee Dee. This diverse team of first responders provides community care during any type of crisis, delivering citizens emergency response on scene, as well as off-scene spiritual first aid, presence of peace, promoting unity, reconciliation, and resilience for a suffering community utilizing two different groups of volunteers. The Crisis Team includes crisis chaplains and community chaplains. Each of these groups are trained to provide pastoral care and counseling for employees and families of first responders, as well as the general public.

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